Presentation slides from the IEEE EISIC 2013, Uppsala, Sweden Conference (pptx)

Presentation slides from the DIET DAISY Market Place event (pptx)

Presentation slides from the Social-Media Porton Down DSTL Workshop (pdf, pptx)

Presentation slides from first DSTL visit (pdf, pptx)

Currently we are using a google-sites based Wiki to keep track of relevant resources for this project. The Wiki’s aim is to aggregate resources that may be useful in various fields which are essential or fundamental to the EMOTIVE project. For example, a list of relevant software and data sources, resources on semantic analysis, NLP, or notable and relevant journals and conferences are kept track of. Please feel free to visit and contribute any material you find, if you are not sure where to put something, just add it to the Misc. sub-section, or leave a comment or contact us.