Outstanding Paper Award at ISA-DM 2013

The paper titled “EMOTIVE Ontology: Extracting Fine-Grained Emotions from Terse, Informal Messages“, authored by Dr Martin Sykora, Prof Thomas Jackson, Dr Ann O’Brien and Dr Suzanne Elayan, has received the Outstanding Paper award at the recent 7th IADIS Intelligent Systems Agents and Data Mining (ISA-DM) conference, in Prague (July 22-24).

The paper presented technical details of the teams’ work on the novel ontology and natural language processing based linguistic analysis system for monitoring and extracting fine-grained emotions from sparse social media content, such as Twitter messages. Instead of classifying sentiment based on polarity (a well researched problem), the work considers Ekman’s basic cross cultural emotions and extracts emotions at a more fine grained level than existing approaches, achieving a very high F-measure (commonly used to evaluate these types of systems), that is currently the best reported for this task.

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